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3 easy steps


Create your ad with our dead-simple ad builder tool.

  • Change your own messaging and artwork as often as you like.
  • No complicated dashboards.
  • No graphic designer needed.

You get to choose where your ads are seen and next to what content.

  • Browse the news online and hand-choose the best placement for your ad.
  • Just click the “glue ad” button and your ad will instantly be glued right before your eyes.

Your ad stays in that spot 100% of the time for a full 30 days.

  • You will ALWAYS see where your ads are running.
  • We provide key metrics to measure your ROI.
  • We are always one phone call away when you want advice. But otherwise, we’ll stay out of your way.

It’s the simplest, most effective advertising online.

As a small business owner on a limited budget, AdGlue is the best advertising system to meet my target audience and demographic. In the first week, Little Relics's online traffic significantly increased and tripled its walk-ins due to AdGlue campaigns on 

Our prices fit everyone's budget

1000 credits for $100


2000 credits for $180

We use credits to take the guesswork out of online ad buying. Articles have varying credit values based upon the expected future traffic to that article — in other words, your customers. This helps you make a more educated decision. Use your credits to glue ads by your schedule; they're good for up to 90 days.

Calling all publishers

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There is no better way to serve your business community and audience than creating meaningful engagement around your content — plus, you’ll make more money. Deploying AdGlue is simple: Just copy and paste!